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Therapy Office

Individual Therapy

Get personalized attention and treatment for anxiety, depression, stressors, grief and loss, and other mental health disorders. In my individual sessions we will work together to determine your goals. I am here to provide a non-judgmental, supportive, listening ear. 

Group Therapy

Family Therapy

Is your family struggling to communicate with each other, having issues with one of your children, or you are just wanting to function better together as a family? In my family therapy sessions we will work to open the lines of communication between the family members and work towards each one of you having a better understand each other. 

Holding Hands

Marriage/Relationship Therapy

Every relationship experiences hard times, but that doesn't mean that your relationship has to be hard. In my marriage therapy sessions we will work together to open the lines of communication. Once you are able to freely share your thought and feelings, we are able to begin repairing the damaged portions of your relationship. 

Psychology Session

Substance Use/ Addiction Therapy

I have over seven years of experience in working with substance use in adolescents and adults. In our session together, you can expect to be a part of the treatment goals. We will work together to help you stabilize, establish goals, and practice skills to overcome stressful times and urges to use. 

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